Uniforms and Equipment

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Starfleet uniforms were generally broken down by color among the three divisions, and occasionally by department, while displaying rank insignia conspicuously. While the colors varied over time, uniforms were designed for comfort even in the most extreme environments.


In Starfleet, the combadge was worn on the left breast of the person's uniform. Combadges were used for on-board ship communication with other Starfleet personnel when using the internal communication system was impossible or impractical, for accessing the on-board computer when not in an area that the computer is monitoring, for ship-to-shore communications, and for direct communication to another combadge. Combadges were configured to act as universal translators.

The Jericho crew began to wear the 'All Good Things' combadge at the beginning of 2388 in the episode 'The Fruit of Tantalus'.

Command Uniforms

Worn by Command and Flight Control Officers.
From Left to Right: Regulation Duty Uniform, Relaxed Duty Uniform, Uniform without Jacket.

Support Uniforms

Worn by Operations, Engineering, Security and Tactical.
From Left to Right: Regulation Duty Uniform, Relaxed Duty Uniform, Uniform without Jacket.

Science Uniforms

Worn by Medical, Science and Counseling.
From Left to Right: Regulation Duty Uniform, Relaxed Duty Uniform, Uniform without Jacket.

Dress Uniforms

From Left to Right: Admiral's Dress, Captain's Dress, Officer's Dress.

Type-2 Phaser

A type-2 phaser or phaser pistol is a typical hand-held directed-energy phaser weapon used by Starfleet and United Federation of Planets personnel during the late-22nd, 23rd and 24th and the 29th century. The type 2 phasers of the 24th century were capable of achieving sixteen settings, ranging from mild stun to disintegration. In addition to variable power settings, type-2s can be set for a narrow (affecting a single target) or "wide" beam (affecting two or more targets over a certain area). The frequency of the beam may also be adjusted to make it more effective against certain types of shields and/or force fields.

Type-3 Phaser

A type-3 phaser (often simply referred to as a phaser rifle) was the Federation classification for the more powerful rifle variant of the standard Starfleet handheld phaser. 24th century phaser rifles had sixteen power settings, fully-autonomous recharge capability, multiple-target acquisition, and gyro-stabilization.

TR-590 Tricorder XI

The Starfleet tricorder was the versatile, portable sensing device developed by Starfleet R&D specifically for use by Federation Starfleet personnel. Tricorders were outfitted with the latest cutting-edge sensory and emitter technology. Introduced as late as 2379, yet another iteration of Starfleet tricorder departed from the distinct, flip-open style preceding it. Distinguished by a slim, PADD-like appearance, the tricorder in use aboard such Starfleet vessels as the Enterprise-E in the late 2370s featured a large touchscreen interface. Silver in color, it was trimmed with black pads at the bottom and sides, with several buttons at the top. These buttons could be covered by a small hinged door, lined with indicator lights. Among common data-gathering tasks, this version tricorder could be used to interface with starship systems including force field control.

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